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About Me

My Story

Hey there! I’m Bruce Myers, a generation X male, on an exciting journey of learning and educating on alternative energy sources. I have always been passionate about making a positive impact on our planet, and now, I’m dedicating part of my life to spreading awareness and knowledge about sustainable solutions.

My fascination with renewable energy began when I witnessed the pressing environmental challenges we face. Determined to be part of the solution, I am delving deep into research, immersing myself in the intricacies of solar, wind, hydro power, and other innovative technologies.

My goal is to make complex concepts accessible to all, and I’ll do it with a friendly and approachable demeanor. I hope to help people understand the numerous benefits of embracing renewable energy, from reducing carbon footprints to saving money.

I believe that by taking small steps towards a greener future, we can ensure a better world for generations to come. Let’s make a difference together!